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A2 Butter

A2 Butter

Rs. 310/ 200g

Pure A2 BUTTER is probably the most health benefiting substance among a2 milk products according to ayurveda. We make curd from whole A2 milk.Then churn it to separate Makhan. Contrary to the view that Makhan is fat and hence unhealthy, you will be surprised to know that the Cultured Pure a2 butter made from curds via Vedic method has several health benefits mentioned below There is no preservatives added to it and It's 100% pure.

A2 Butter Health Benefit:
Lubricates the joints.
Excellent protection against cancer
Provides healthy calories.
Helps treat minor infections.
Prevents goiter
Protect against gastrointestinal infection
Ensures optimal growth of children
Vitamin -D,E,K,A.
Minerals -Manganese, Zinc, Copper

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